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Our company offers valuable gutter services, including cleaning, repair, installation, commercial gutters, residential gutters, gutter guards, and seamless gutters. The owner, Brian Driggs, and his team are ready to help you and accommodate your needs. Come and visit our official website – leessummitgutter.com and get a FREE QUOTE. You can reach us via email or contact us at 816-608-8746

Welcome to Lees Summit Gutter

Are you looking for the best gutter company in your local area? Reaching us first is a great option so we can help you with your guttering system issues.

Homeowners usually need guttering services when they realized that the problem of clogged or damaged gutters has become more serious. Channels or guttering system are probably the most ignored item every people deal with. Yet, it has a significant function that protects your home or building from any damage caused by water. Regular maintenance, efficient installation, quality materials, and even the right repair or restoration of your gutters are essential.

For over 15 years, Lees Summit Gutter has been helping thousands of people with gutter system problems. We already established a good reputation as locals rely upon our excellent services. We are a company that is known for our dependability, integrity, reliability, and quality. Our team is only composed of professional individuals who are dedicated to helping people maintain a useful and functioning gutter system. Getting the work done professionally is our priority. If you don’t want your home or premises to get any water damages, come to us.

Locals and different companies in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, benefits from hiring our professional contractors in ways of efficient cleaning, proper installation with the right materials, and excellent repair. When our professionals do guttering services, your gutters will be in good condition and will last long.

Lees Summit Gutter offers the following services:

  • Residential GutterGutter Repair
  • Gutter Guards
  • Seamless Gutters
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Commercial Gutters

Residential Gutters

Always put in your mind that before you choose to install residential gutters, consider your options very carefully. As a residential property owner, you have to be vigilant in preparing your premises for rainy day troubles. Proper installation of high-quality residential gutters is what you need to help you avoid flooded basements, foundation erosion, and other water-related problems. With this in mind, you can choose our products and services to secure your residential property.

Gutter Repair

If the water is not being directed away from your home due to a damaged guttering system, you would probably experience flooding from your basements or eroding the foundation of your home. Gutter repair is significant to protect your home or buildings from such disasters. Typical gutters that you need are a must, and we have what you need.

Gutter Guards

The guttering industry continues to develop innovative gutter guards to lessen the hassle brought by regular gutter maintenance. Our company is making its way to giving homeowners the most effective gutter guard products to protect their homes for a long time. 

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are incredibly convenient to use for the many benefits they provide. Choosing seamless gutters is worthy as it allows for maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. They are primarily designed to have less leakage and problematic seams. Since it is installed in one continuous roll, seamless gutters can prevent all factors that cause leaky roofs and gutters. Our company has been able to provide customized channels to locals.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is necessary, but homeowners are not happy with doing this task. That is why the better option is to call for professional help. Gutter cleaning is just another service that our company can deliver excellent results.

Commercial Gutters

Commercial properties are at risk if the gutters are low class, not installed properly, or needs repair and cleaning. It is always essential to consider a gutter company to fix any guttering system problems from your commercial building. If you want to avoid an expensive amount for property restoration, you should immediately contact a gutter company. Many gutter companies are available in Pleasant Hill, Missouri, but Lees Summit Gutter is the best one to choose.

Why hire us?

A reputable company has many years of experience in cleaning, repairing, and installation of gutter systems. Lees Summit Gutter is one of the best guttering company that can safely and efficiently deliver guttering services. With more than 15 years of servicing, we have performed the most reliable and cost-effective guttering services. Many people trust our company, and we ensure to complete the work on time.